Friday, March 29, 2013

The Healing Powers of Laughter.....(Or) Yes. I Want to Screw Alan Alda

I ustah' say I would've screwed Paul Newman on his deathbed - that no matter how old he got, that man woulda' made me all "melty" & squishy. Still holds true.

Now, I feel that way about Alan Alda. He is still young, and thank God/Goddess still healthy. But, I'll tell you, that man, he just never disappoints. You can tell by the scripts and parts he chooses to play. I want to go to dinner with him in NYC, preferably really good kinda old school Italian. Maybe share a plate of Bacala with him and listen to him talk, while I coyly play footsie with him under the table.

Why this sudden confession? Saw him in the great comedy Wanderlust (also starring my REAL boyfriend Paul Rudd - we have a very open relationship.) Yes, Wanderlust. Aniston & Rudd with all the guys from The State. If you didn't think it was funny, fuck you.

M.O.M. And I loved it. Long Island's own Ken Marino is in it, and he is just funny personified.
So, we've been going through this awfulness with Aunt Rita and needed to escape into a funnier place. Wanderlust did it.

Alda plays the old hippy that owns the commune, and he needs to find the deed to the place in order to keep the evil developers from coming in and destroying what he has built over 40 years ago. He, and about 6 or 7 other hippies pitched in back in the day. One of them was Janet Wu. (There's a reoccurring joke about him repeating all there names.....just see it.) Anyway, the scene goes a little something like this:

ANISTON: You mean you have NO idea where you could've put the deed? Can't remember at all?

ALDA: You know, it's amazing. I can remember everything about Janice Wu. Over 40 years ago! Every curve of her body, every crinkle on her face, her smile. Yet, I have no idea where I put that damn deed...........But in all fairness, I never fucked the deed.

I can and will watch that scene over and over the next few days. It'll get me through these tough times.
Well, the scene, and a little kinky fantasy involving Bacala, Alda, myself and my boyfriend, Paul Rudd. (Did I mention we have a very open relationship?)

This one was for Andrea Barnett- Rosen the trues, most beautiful authentic hippy I know!


  1. mean you have an open relationship with your Hollywood crush Paul Rudd. Right? ;)

  2. i really liked Wanderlust as well. It was good to see the guys from the state doing something besides Reno 911.