Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday? My Fat Ass.

The Healing Powers of Laughter.....(Or) Yes. I Want to Screw Alan Alda

I ustah' say I would've screwed Paul Newman on his deathbed - that no matter how old he got, that man woulda' made me all "melty" & squishy. Still holds true.

Now, I feel that way about Alan Alda. He is still young, and thank God/Goddess still healthy. But, I'll tell you, that man, he just never disappoints. You can tell by the scripts and parts he chooses to play. I want to go to dinner with him in NYC, preferably really good kinda old school Italian. Maybe share a plate of Bacala with him and listen to him talk, while I coyly play footsie with him under the table.

Why this sudden confession? Saw him in the great comedy Wanderlust (also starring my REAL boyfriend Paul Rudd - we have a very open relationship.) Yes, Wanderlust. Aniston & Rudd with all the guys from The State. If you didn't think it was funny, fuck you.

M.O.M. And I loved it. Long Island's own Ken Marino is in it, and he is just funny personified.
So, we've been going through this awfulness with Aunt Rita and needed to escape into a funnier place. Wanderlust did it.

Alda plays the old hippy that owns the commune, and he needs to find the deed to the place in order to keep the evil developers from coming in and destroying what he has built over 40 years ago. He, and about 6 or 7 other hippies pitched in back in the day. One of them was Janet Wu. (There's a reoccurring joke about him repeating all there names.....just see it.) Anyway, the scene goes a little something like this:

ANISTON: You mean you have NO idea where you could've put the deed? Can't remember at all?

ALDA: You know, it's amazing. I can remember everything about Janice Wu. Over 40 years ago! Every curve of her body, every crinkle on her face, her smile. Yet, I have no idea where I put that damn deed...........But in all fairness, I never fucked the deed.

I can and will watch that scene over and over the next few days. It'll get me through these tough times.
Well, the scene, and a little kinky fantasy involving Bacala, Alda, myself and my boyfriend, Paul Rudd. (Did I mention we have a very open relationship?)

This one was for Andrea Barnett- Rosen the trues, most beautiful authentic hippy I know!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jesus, You're Lucky (Aunt Rita)

My partner, my old man, the coolest mutha effa evah, verdant dude, earl....whatever you want to call him, well, his Aunt is dying. 
Aunt Rita. This whole thing stinks. I love my Old Man's family. They're a crazy Irish bunch, that party, enjoy really great food, drink like, well, they drink like a crazy Irish bunch, and they're wicked smart, each one of them. (Yeah, that sounded kinda Bostonish, but I swear on my life it is unintentional.)
The Old Man has 4 sisters and a brother plus they all have signif. others and boatloads of kids. They're seriously a clan. A really good kind of clan. My Old Man (going forward, it will be shortened to M.O.M), has a major regret that makes me cry whenever he says it. Ready? He says, "It breaks my heart to think Dad never got a chance to meet you. God, he would've LOVED you." I'm filling up just typing that. M.O.M. loved his Dad more than any other human that ever had the honor to be in my M.O.M.'s circle of energy. He died too young, just a few months before we met. M.O.M. is so much like his Dad. Everyone says so. It makes him proud. Which makes ME proud.
So, now onto Aunt Rita. She is M.O.M.'s Mother's, Sister. (Maybe this M.O.M. moniker is going to get confusing. Oh well, deal with it. I'm in no mood to give a fuck.) I love M.O.M's Mother BTW. She is always put together, but not in an "Aryan from Darien" kinda way. She just is a great accessorizer, and wears Chicos & JJill like a boss. She also enjoys life. With her sisters. They're always going to wineries. Seeing shows. Just being together. I love Aunt Raney (I'm sorry if I'm spelling that wrong), Aunt Raney is kinda like my favorite. Which I know is awful to say, but I just feel the love for her in my bones. She is strong and brave. Blah, blah. This isn't about her. She just rocks, and it kills me she and Lucille (M.O.M.'s Mother) are hurting so much right now.
So now REALLY onto Aunt Rita. Looks wise? Picture those Austrian stacking dolls. Really, good ones. Not made in China, by 6 year old starving kids. I'm talking antique, hand painted wooden gems that are a sight to behold. Aunt Rita looks like the number two stacking doll in that priceless set. The Mother figure. Round face, rosy pudgy cheeks, cutest kinda plump butt. That's Aunt Rita. Personality wise? A lot like a hardcore nun, that drinks great scotch, laughs easily and gives.....THE BEST HUGS EVER!! Her hugs can put you onto another plane of existence. You just want to melt away. Quaalude hugs. Really. Never, ever, ever, want to let go.
I disagree with almost every religious, philosophical, and social belief she has ever held, and yet I just want to be in her arms right now. Her hugs just emit pure goodness and joy. So, even if she disagrees with me on all the stuff like Gay's Right To Marry, or the Right To Choose, or priests marrying, the warmth of her hugs send me a completely different message. Her hugs are non-denominational, hippy, loving, left wing, non-judgmental hugs. (NOTE: I don't want to hear from any of you slagging on my "left wing" comment, I'm hurting and don't need the aggravation.)
It's like her hugs know better. Her hugs smile and wink behind her back. Her hugs whisper in my ear, "She talks that stuff, but c'mon, feel this. All there is is love and compassion here."
The hugs are right. I wish she had met a man that swept her off her feet like her nephew (M.O.M.) did for me. I wish she had more orgasms.(Listen don't be a hating on me for that comment. Maybe she had a Hitachi Magic Wand that I know nothing about, but I bet my love of The Yankees she didn't. Sad.) I wish she explored the world more and didn't put soooooooo much of her time and energy into the church. You're thinking, "Well, THAT made her happy!" Um, yeaaaaaah, but I get the feeling she talked herself into that happiness on some level.
I'm just pissed. She's only in her very early 70's and she had a massive stroke on her church steps in the middle of the night. There's a lot about that that pisses me off. I mean ON THE CHURCH STEPS? STILL SO YOUNG? RELATIVELY HEALTHY? NIGHTTIME? C'mon God/Jesus give this lady a break.
So let me be honest here. I'm being a selfish cunt. I don't want to see this great family suffer and mourn. I don't want to see M.O.M. try to be "strong". I don't want to Lucille and Raney (and Uncle DJ) to experience stuff without their partner in crime.
But mostly, I don't want to go on without those hugs anymore. I can't imagine not getting another one. Like I said, I'm a selfish cunt.
I DO take solace in one great thought. I know Aunt Rita, when she goes, will head straight up. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 rosaries. She will get to stroll past Saint Peter, with her heaven "Easy Pass", giving him a little "Wassup Peter" salute with her two fingers. And she will FINALLY come face to face with the love of her life, God/Jesus. And then, she will give him one of her hugs. And he will hug back, because that's what God/Jesus is suppose to do into those situations. And she'll get to feel what I got to feel all those times. And God/Jesus will smile and wink over her shoulder at the hugs that now get to hang around heaven and spread themselves around even more!!!
God/Jesus, Lucky Fucking Bastard.

For: Christine Curley-Morales Barbara Cremin Modica Michael Modica Rami Baghdadi (and the rest of the family Facebook member's yea or nay.)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spill the Wine......

My love affair started when I was 3 & 1/2 years old. But I really got sucked in at age 4. My mother encouraged it. My Dad laughed. My sister wasn't around yet to be by my side. 4:51 minutes each time. So young and so hooked. "Spill the Wine (Dig that Girl)" by Eric Burdon and War. I would jump up on any table available and swing my non existent hips with jubilant ferocity. Pony tale whipping in circles like a tilt-a-whirl about to come unhinged. Mom bought me a cool paisley print mini dress with matching panties, white flat GOGO boots (age appropriate) and strung Christmas lights around my own "GOGO Booth" like on Wonderama. "Play it again Mommy!!!" "Okay Baby, one more time then I have to make dinner." Finally Daddy bought me my own orange record playa' and a stack of 45's. Mom marked the labels with little symbols so I knew which side to set the heavy, plastic housed needle on. This one had a little wine glass in red crayon, neatly sketched next to the words I couldn't make out. My parents unknowingly set me on this path of zero self-conscienceness and adoration of heavy, throbbing rock n roll. Thank God for them.