Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Maybe Ferguson Has My Thyroid Medication (RIP Michael Brown)

So during this time of scrambling to try to find my thyroid medication that is not a narcotic or controlled substance (Jeez, that's something I do not say often, hardy har har....) I've been ruminating on the killing of Michael Brown.

Is it so implausible to believe that BOTH Mike Brown AND police officer Darren Wilson, MADE MISTAKES? Maybe the EXACT equal amount of mistakes?
I'm talking human mistakes having zero to do with the amount of melanin contained in either of their chemical makeup?
Talk about everything having to be black or white!
Sometimes tragedy is just that. Pure, biting, searing hot, inexplicable, tragedy.

But, then I start to really ponder..................
And this is the thought that sickens me the most:
Every single minute leading up to that day of the shooting, was shaping up for the following.
If, and when, a potential, tragedy happens it would NEVER, EVER, EVER, be viewed as partially to blame by "either side".
I think the whole system and community resources (ie politics) ramped the police force up, who enjoyed the power immensely, and then panicked when one officer, by himself, faced with his own real fear, made stupid and fatal mistakes that killed an unarmed young man, also incurring his own tangible fear, who made stupid mistakes as well.
(Run on sentences are my thing sometimes.)

Look, cops want waaaaaaay too much "stand at attention" respect and superhero reverie. Those things turn some of them into edgy, easily agitated, assholes.
Some kids want to act like they are invincible douchebags, walking in the middle of the street with cars coming, because they can, cursing in front of people and babies that don't want to hear it, and feeling like nothing can EVER happen to them because stupid stuff always happens to other kids.

Do I think if it was ME that shot an unarmed kid be him black or white on the street that I'd have a grand jury deciding if should be tried?
No, no, nononononono!
I might've been born in the morning folks, just not yesterday morning.
My trial (or plea bargain) would arrive faster than my fucking thyroid medication!!

Of course cops get special treatment. Always have, always will
But, furfucksakes, things in that neighborhood (and a lot of others across the nation and world by the way) were, and are, stewing like a two day old can of piss warm beer, with cigarette butts floating in it, after a hotel party, with a buncha rockstars and their chick minions passed out around it.

It's being going on like that way too long and it's still is, and no one does a real fucking thing to help clean it up.
Dump the beer and recycle the fucking can.

I'll tell you what it gonna take.
It's simple.

Mean Aliens.
Or, Zombies.

Those are the only two things that will facilitate scenarios that will make everyone forget about, all the ridiculous things that piss us off about one another. Things that cause such deeply saddening and emotionally draining chaos in every fucking community all over the freakin' planet.

Those two things, Mean Aliens or Zombies,
(Oh man, hopefully one or the other, not BOTH together!), will bring us together as the human race to fight for a common cause and force us not to care about each others sexual orientation, religion, skin color, job status, uniforms, push up bras, tattoos, etc..............

I'm in all honesty, from the bottom of my heart, praying, really, really praying, for Mean Aliens OR Zombies.

There's seriously a better chance that those things will show up sooner than my fucking non-narcotic THYROID MEDICATION!!!

RIP Michael Brown