Friday, March 22, 2013

Spill the Wine......

My love affair started when I was 3 & 1/2 years old. But I really got sucked in at age 4. My mother encouraged it. My Dad laughed. My sister wasn't around yet to be by my side. 4:51 minutes each time. So young and so hooked. "Spill the Wine (Dig that Girl)" by Eric Burdon and War. I would jump up on any table available and swing my non existent hips with jubilant ferocity. Pony tale whipping in circles like a tilt-a-whirl about to come unhinged. Mom bought me a cool paisley print mini dress with matching panties, white flat GOGO boots (age appropriate) and strung Christmas lights around my own "GOGO Booth" like on Wonderama. "Play it again Mommy!!!" "Okay Baby, one more time then I have to make dinner." Finally Daddy bought me my own orange record playa' and a stack of 45's. Mom marked the labels with little symbols so I knew which side to set the heavy, plastic housed needle on. This one had a little wine glass in red crayon, neatly sketched next to the words I couldn't make out. My parents unknowingly set me on this path of zero self-conscienceness and adoration of heavy, throbbing rock n roll. Thank God for them.

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