Tuesday, June 3, 2014

THE SHANNON and The Killer (I love the word GOBSMACKED)

Seeing the play The Killer a few Sundays ago, made me think, a lot (something I try to do rarely, or it just never stops!)

Anyway, I've already commented on how amazing and mind bending the play itself was. 
But then my thoughts drifted to......Michael Jordan.
(Can't wait to see where this is going, right?)

Years ago, I scored tickets to a Knicks Bulls game at The Garden. Jordan was playing. 
Well, he wasn't playing, he was dominating! 
It was like he had a light from within that just radiated outward. 

It struck me as I watched him, mesmerized, I am seeing, I am witnessing, the person that is the BEST at this, this, THING he does.He has reached the pinnacle. There is no one better at THIS than him.

I was gobsmacked.

What a weird, simple thought. But so profound all at once. Imagine being the best, I mean really the best at something, anything, in this universe! 

I took that thought home with me, and it's crawled back into my conscience at other times in my life since, but never with the power it did when I saw MJ beat the Knicks at The Garden that night. 

Well, that is, until I saw Michael Shannon a couple of Sundays ago in The Killer. 
There it was again.


This guy is the BEST at this, thing HE does, and I get to see it. Live! I'm a lifelong New Yorker. I've seen plays, musicals, bands. You know the drill. But Shannon? In this play? 


He's the greatest actor of my generation. 
He's the BEST at what he does. 

Gobsmacked again. 

I'm pretty lucky I've been privileged enough to see these things I have. 
I can tell my cats and they can tell their cats and their cat's-cats........
Alright, I don't have kids, but you get the point.

Go see this and watch a guy do a thing better than anyone else in this universe. 
It's so good. 
HE'S so good it hurts.

Michael Shannon must suck at every thing else he does. I mean he has to, no? No one can be that good at something and still be good at anything else, can they?

Shit, maybe.


  1. I loved the movie "Bug" and would've loved even more to see him perform it on stage! I am a Shannon fan!

  2. Too bad you'll never be able to tell him these wonderful things to his face. Or will you? I mean HAVE you?

  3. Why yes I did B.E.
    The Shannon and I had a wonderful conversation just last night.
    I safely say we're Buds now.
    (Loudly, inside my own head.)