Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I love my nephew. I mean really, really love him. I know I just got done dissing kids, however, he isn't mine AND he's so fucking cute I want to die!! I don't have much patience for ugly kids. Ugly? I mean disrespectful, weird or boring kids, but ugly too. Julian is seven. He is so kind, sweet & funny. I love the fact he cares about how other people feel. I just worry about people hurting his feelings. I WILL beat up a child if he/she picks on Julian. I will board that yellow bus & ask which little fucker made my nephew cry! Then I'll pick the little bastard up by his/her neck and beat them senseless. I'll show you bully!! 
Then I will go to jail & learn how to play harmonica & create a shiv in my cell. I truly will. 
Once when Julian was four I was baby sitting him. I was at my Sissy's & they have a lot of remote controls. Julian wanted to watch a dvd, so I was having trouble figuring it out. I was a little impatient. I looked over at my beautiful Julian & said, "Sorry buddy, sometimes Yanti (his name for me) has trouble figuring this stuff out." He slid over and patted me on the leg, looked up at me with his wide khaki colored eyes & replied, "That's okay Yanti, sometimes I FRO UP."
He's so delicious he makes me want to FRO UP!!!