Friday, February 27, 2009

I was a freakin' English major & I never learned to type. I watch my man's fingers whip across the keyboard like Helen Keller reading War & Peace. Not to mention everything he writes is brilliant, cohesive & grammatically correct. I think too fast for this blog thing. All the illegal and (now) legal drugs that I took/take, make me hazy & it's hard to keep a straight thought.
What was I saying? Fuck. I hope this wasn't a mistake.
I love the NY Yankees, my Cats (yes I capitalized that shit) and reading about the Manson family.
I like memories more than presents, hence a three hour dinner is definately my cup of tea but buying me flowers sucks armadillo dick.


  1. And yet I've never read War & Peace.

    Go figger. ;)

  2. Welcome to the bloggerhood Ms. Gia :)

    and by all means, regail us with factoids of the manson family.


    Mrs. Hall

  3. Hi Gia and WELCOME!!!

    I am glad that you started your own blog! Green man is a great blogger and a damn good guy!!

    Anyway, your funny!!!

  4. good luck and have fun! at least that's what the guys told me when i started mah blog, sugar! ;) xoxo

  5. hidey-ho Gia! welcome to the blogosphere!

  6. Wow!!! Thanks guys & chickadees. How much cash did Earl have to PayPal over to ya'll to say such nice things? Anything to make me easier to live with. He is one cool & delicious man...(did I mention patient?) I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better in the future. Bear with me!!! Love & Peace!

  7. Yes Avitable, no duh on you! Armadillos have dicks. When I dated one back in the day, (before Earl) I had to flip him over to tell-but there it was!
    We had to break up 'cause he was a smoker. I hate when they lie on eharmony

  8. Oh Holly Hall-you just wait. I know more about than Manson family than is allowed by law.
    Hmmmmmmm, and yet, I forget Mom & Dad's anniversary every freakin' year.
    Yeah, I'm doing just great.

  9. Looking forward to the better half!

  10. my blog is full of spelling errors and sentences with words missing. i don't care and my readers don't seem to mind. enjoy blogging! (and no pressure or anything, but we are looking forward to what you have to say!)

    all the best,


  11. Annnd, me too. What everybody else said!!

  12. Thanks everyone! Wow this rocks. Does this mean I have to read all your craziness as well? YES!!! I"M SO PSYCHED!!!!!